5. They Never Show Affection In Public

I don’t necessarily believe in the mantra of “once a cheater, always a cheater,” but https://lovingwomen.org/no/russiske-kvinner/ I do believe that anyone who cheats with you will cheat on you. If you know for a fact that your relationship with your new guy or girl didn’t have an honest beginning, there’s no reason for you to think that you’re the Special One that will finally convince your partner to be faithful til the end. If they hid their relationship status from you before you became an item, that’s just a bonus sign to convince you to nope the hell out of there.

Nobody is asking you to force your tongue down anyone else’s throat to make you prove your loyalty. That said, if your partner straight-up refuses to hold your hand, give you a peck on the cheek, or do anything else that would reveal to the world that you’re something other than best buds, there could be a very sinister reason why. Maybe they’re afraid you’ll run into one of their old flames, or maybe they want to see exactly how many strangers would want to bang them if they appeared single, but neither option is very good from where you stand.

6. They Act Differently With You Around Certain Friends

They might be all lovey-dovey with you when you’re alone, but if you notice their behavior changes when they’re around their friends of the opposite sex (or worse, one friend in particular), it’s probably because they want to appear like they’re at least a little bit available. Be on the lookout for them acting indifferent or even a bit hostile towards you when they’re around the person or people you’re concerned about— it might mean they’re trying to leave the door open for someone else.

7. They’re Paranoid About You Cheating

Some people are just unbelievably, irrationally jealous, and that’s not exactly a good way to start any relationship. However, if your partner seems convinced that you’re always texting your ex or hanging out with sexy people behind their back, they might be doing something called “projecting.” This means that they’re subconsciously attributing their own unsavory behavior to someone else, partially to remove the blame from themselves and partially because they’re so hyper-aware of their own actions that they interpret everything you do to mean that you’re also being sketchy. If your partner asks to see your phone, ask the same of them. Their reaction will tell you everything you need to know.

8. They’re Unusually Secretive About Certain People In Their Lives

Who’s that girl that is constantly popping up on his Snapchat? “Just a friend.” That guy in almost all of her photos from the night before with his arm around her? “Oh, don’t worry about him.” If you know everything about most of your beau’s friends, but they’re super quiet about one in particular, it might be because they’re trying extra hard to assure you that this mysterious person is no big deal when they’re actually a major threat to your relationship. Listen to your gut— if your partner won’t even tell you where they met this person, it might be because the most compelling tidbit about them is that they’re banging your S.O. every Wednesday night.

9. They Don’t Mention Your Relationship To Each Other When They Introduce You To Someone

It’s pretty standard to mention anyone’s relationship to you when you introduce them to someone new. So if your partner introduces their boss as their boss, their aunt as their aunt, and you as. you, and only you, then there’s a possibility they’re trying to conceal exactly how they know you. It’s one thing if you’re meeting their family after a long time and everyone already knows who you are by now, but be on alert if you’re only introduced by your name to someone they might be attracted to.

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