The first division includes the drawing tools — pen, highlighter, and eraser — while the second one has the ruler, the cropping, and the finger draw option. On touch-enabled devices, this lets you draw using your finger instead of moving the image around. This is because, usually, you might want to use a pen to draw instead. Finally, the last division has the undo and redo buttons.

On Windows 11, hovering over the minimize / maximize button gives you a choice of different snap layouts, based on your screen size. Windows 11 supports Dynamic refresh rate , which allows it to seamlessly switch between low refresh rates and high ones (120Hz+) in order to balance power usage and user experience. The new Windows Start menu appears by default in the middle of the screen, though you can change a setting to make it appear on the left. Gone are the live tiles, replaced with simple, colorful icons.

Record your screen in macOS

Unlike most similar tools, ScreenRec is a screen recorder with audio. Share Instantly All screen videos are auto-saved to your private cloud account and you get a sharing link as soon as you press “Stop”. Save to computer Export your recordings in the universal MP4 format—supported Driversol by all modern devices. Record Offline Your desktop capture will be saved as a local file and uploaded to the cloud as soon as you’re online again.

Microsoft hasn’t shared an official release date for Windows 11, though Microsoft has confirmed it’s coming during the holiday season. There have been rumors on social media of an October release date, though this hasn’t been confirmed. Microsoft has just revealed the timeline for the free Windows 11 upgrades it promised to existing Windows 10 users with compatible machines and it is not good news.

How to Reinstall Windows 8.1 on a Surface Pro

Search for the Snipping tool through the bar to locate the app. And while Microsoft intended to phase out the tool for a time, it has now switched tracks and instead merged it with the Snip & Sketch tool. The resulting app has a cleaner UI and is packed with more capabilities than ever before, becoming the best way for taking snapshots of your screen. In Windows 10 version 1809, a new Universal app version of Snipping Tool known as Snip & Sketch was introduced.

A virtual whiteboard that feels like MS Paint and works as a collaborative tool. You can see what other users are sketching in real-time and make changes on the fly. More settings information has been moved from Control Panel into the Settings app. Links that used to open the System page in Control Panel now direct you to About in Settings.

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